The Hidden Secret of Coca Cola

Just recently on Google+ Social Media, I saw a picture of a Coca Cola bottle with a misprint label.   So I thought.   At first, I thought someone was playing a horrible joke because I didn’t think it was funny. Days passed by and I saw it again. But this time, I saw a few others labeled with different names .


This had my head scratching, thinking … what the heck is going on here? Why haven’t I seen any of them sold here in California?

From my understanding, Sweden had a PR drive where consumers were able to get Coca Cola bottles that will be relabeled to be called Daniel, Emma, Johan, among other names plucked from a list of most common names among young Swedes.

Yet despite being among the list of popular names among young men in Sweden, Muhammad wasn’t among the names chosen. Coca Cola said it would have been “too provocative” to include Muhammad in a Swedish publicity campaign.

That being said, I thought it was funny because how is it that they did not want to use Muhammad, but use other names that was even worse. Names like ISIS. Isis? Are you serious?


While Isis is a girl’s name of Egyptian origin, meaning “throne”, according to baby names, do you think Coca Cola made a mistake by putting it on their label, considering current happenings in world news? Even though it’s just a name and likely doesn’t have any connection to the ISIS terrorist group, someone at Coke should have said, “You know maybe this isn’t a good idea.”

To me, I think it’s very hypocritical of them saying that Muhammad would be “too provocative” and Isis would be “A-Okay”. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean if you think about it, after hurricane Katrina, most companies avoided anything with the name Katrina because of the negative association.

This is where it gets very interesting. If you get the Coke label, flip it and only very minimal editing, what would it say? If you can read any Arabic, you can tell what it says. The mirror image of the logo reads “La Mohammad, La Mecca” in Arabic – which means “there’s no prophet, no Mecca”.


Hmmm, don’t you think this is odd? Yeah yeah, I know. Another conspiracy theory – but hey! You must admit. After all what is going on in the world today, it isn’t so much of a coincidence, is it?


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